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Anti-Aging Face Cream - Strawberry Gardenia - 4oz

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  • STRAWBERRY GARDENIA FACE CREAM - Our face cream is perfect for ALL skin types. We use the purest Jojoba oil in the world, which balances the oils in your face and clears up blemishes. Jojoba oil is anti-aging, helps reduce acne, hydrates skin, and reduces oil production where needed.
  • INGREDIENTS YOU CAN COUNT ON - We keep it simple by using minimal, purposeful, and skin-nourishing ingredients only, and formulate our products for sensitive skin, so they can be used on all skin types. Our Products are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS - Water, organic safflower seed oil, non-GMO emulsifying wax (vegetable), organic jojoba oil, organic fragrance (natural fruit, vegetables, flowers), stearic acid (castor), organic propanediol (corn), organic pentylene glycol (sugar cane /corn cobs), organic phenethyl alcohol (corn), and non-GMO vitamin E oil (sunflower).
  • JOJOBA, A MAGIC INGREDIENT - Jojoba oil dissolves sebum that clogs pores, which gives you relief from acne and allows the skin to breathe more effectively. The non-greasy texture, lightweight, and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for treating acne. It absorbs easily into the skin and is a gentle, skin-softening moisturizer for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent and Truly All Natural!

I've been using this face cream for about two weeks. I bought the Grapefruit Almond scent, and find it very pleasant. But it's the condition of my skin since I started using it that has me excited! After two weeks the adult acne is GONE! The blotchiness that made me feel like I had to wear makeup or tinted BB cream is GONE! The flaky little patches are GONE! The oily patches are GONE! And my husband isn't asking me why my skin is red. Yaaaay!! It's not easy to find a face cream that truly is all natural. Most of the ones that claim to be include something you don't want to rub into your skin - mainly Phenoxyethanol. This cream is light, fluffy, absorbed well, and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and looking very healthy. And no chemicals! I'm a customer for life!

My Must Have Moisturizer for Middle Age Skin!

My skin drinks this. I have struggled with deep cystic acne as my hormones started to change. I'm 46 years old and this is the first cream (I've spent thousands on other's) that does not make me suffer for using it. It dries well and I put my make-up over it with no problems (or an acne patch if I'm going through a pimple period and home at night). They stick well but you must let it dry.This is a must have for me. I will re-order but this jar also lasts for much longer than I would have thought. I use it on my face and neck 2 times a day. I started a new routine adding moisture instead of stripping my skin with harsh ingredients. The best decision I have ever made.I use Glow Better Nourishing Cleanser and before It dries I put on top Dr Song Glycolic Face Wash. I massage my face gently with both products (no water) for about a minute. Then use warm water and massage more and wash it off. I then use a Korean moisturizing toner and using the same cotton ball I put on Dr Song Hyaluronic Acid Pure Serum. Let dry. Then put on Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel, Neutralize Renewal Complex moisturizing cream (designed for acne),and finally Farmstead Apothecary Citrus Rose face Cream. I let each layer dry a little in between. I love taking the time caring for my skin. I wish I had a before and after for you as you'd be amazed at my results with this routine. Not an overnight miracle. It's taken 2.5 months to get my skin back and I still have occasional breakouts. They do not last as long, heal so much better and I'm starting to see a noticeable difference in all of my my Acne scars. The extreme deep cystic acne scars are the hardest and very difficult but I'm working on them with a little help from my friends named above. I can get all of these products for under $100 (unless they start raising price's). Hope this helps someone out there.

So far I like it

I am over 50 with skin that is thankfully problem free but of course is drier now. I used this and skin feels soft and supple. Just what I wanted. I used to like "watery" creams but while they moisturize and absorb well, they do not seem to keep skin soft and supple long. This one seems to be a good balance - rich without being too oily and I still feel my skin being soft in the morning after using it in the evening. Good on the neck too.

I'm obsessed!

Just got this in the mail yesterday (Strawberry Gardenia). The scent is so nice, but I can see why some folks think it's a little strong. I'm obsessed. I typically make my own moisturizers, but wanted to try something else that is naturally made. This stuff is awesome! So very creamy with a lovely texture. I am using on my face and hands and my skin feels great already (I have very dry skin from thyroid disease, have mild adult acne and am 50 yrs old). I would totally recommend this product! Going to order the body lotion to keep in my purse for winter :)

Pure, effective ingredients & a velvety texture

I’ve recently begun derma-rolling my face, neck and chest, every two to three weeks. Anyone familiar with the process knows that your skin is immediately a little red and sensitive, and for the next several days it feels a little like sandpaper. And because the process is mildly invasive, you want to apply only the highest quality, natural and gentle products afterward. Especially when you have somewhat sensitive skin like I do. To make a long story a little shorter, I had tried a couple of other moisturizers for this purpose and they both ended up irritating my newly delicate skin and even causing a couple of blemishes which I rarely get. While searching for another I came across this and I’m so happy I did. Most important - the natural ingredients. So hard to find such pure ingredients in a product that comes together so well. And by “comes together”, I mean the texture is luxurious. The thick, velvety cream melts into my skin, and the immediate softening effect lasts. I only use moisturizers at night because I’ve never found one that treated my combination skin well enough that I could layer makeup on top of it. Well, This past Saturday morning I expected to stay in all day so I applied this cream in the morning. A little while later I had to go out so I applied my usual foundation thinking I would probably regret it soon after. I didn’t. This actually worked under my makeup. I won’t claim that it mattified my skin which leans toward the shiny side halfway through the day. But it didn’t interfere, no patches, streaking, etc. I ordered the lemon/lavender and the fragrance is extremely subtle. In fact the lemon and lavender are barely detectable. It smells a little more like clay? What it doesn’t smell like is that awful moldy odor that some “natural products” can’t seem to overcome, so anything else is really beside the point to me. This stuff is great, even for my sensitive skin, even and especially after Derma-rolling. I highly recommend it. P.S. - like some reviewers, when I first opened my jar, there was a “hole” that went straight from the top of the cream to the bottom of the jar so that I wondered if I’d been gipped. But by the next use it had filled in and honestly, you get a pretty generous amount of a really great product for $20. I hope they keep offering this same high quality product and they don’t try to pull a fast one like some other companies do once they’ve attained a loyal following. Just keep up the good work and appreciate your customers like we appreciate your product.