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Organic Lavender Bath Salt - 5lbs

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    • Boost your relaxation to the maximum with the soothing and aromatherapeutic properties of our organic lavender essential oil.
    • Our mineral-rich dead sea salt is known to assist with promoting beautiful skin, sourced directly from the dead sea and perfected in saltworks' state-of-the-art facility in Woodinville, WA.
    • Expertly crafted in the USA using our proprietary process, our exclusive dead sea bath salt is guaranteed pure without any washing, chemicals, additives, or GMOs.
    • Enjoy complete restoration with our therapeutic grade bath soak made with just 2 natural ingredients, dead sea bath salt, and organic lavender essential oil.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Authentic lavender scent and not the cheap perfume smell

    These are very relaxing bath salts. The lavender small is authentic and doesn’t have that cheap artificial perfume smell. I thought about giving it 4 stars for the price point, but then I took into consideration on the price for good quality essential oils. After taking that into consideration I feel like it deserves the 5 stars. I have thoroughly enjoyed testing these bath salts. It really does relax me and helps me sleep better. My skin feels sort and rejuvenated as well. I personally wouldn’t splurge to spend the money on myself, but it would be great for gifting. It’s great for Mother’s Day or as a pick me up for a friend under stress, someone who has lost someone, a new Mom, teacher appreciation ...etc. I will be purchasing it again and again I am sure!

    Wendy Bowen
    My stress melts away while my skin gets softer

    I’ve had such a wonderful experience with these bath salts. The lavender smells divine, isn’t overwhelming and allows me to relax after a long, stressful day. The salts have really improved my skin. It’s softer and my dry patches are gone. These are very similar to the Ahava salts, which are about $22 for two pounds. I actually like these better and at $25 for five pounds at this quality, they’re unbeatable. Bokek salts are a true spa level experience right at home.

    Helps my Mind, Body & Soul~ Lavender Aromatherapy Experience~Soft + Smooth Skin

    WOWamazing is what my mind thought of when I first used these bath salts in my bath! The lavender aromatherapy is simply divine as well as the soothing relaxation that I enjoyed!Learning about this product was interesting to me. It's stated that these bath salts are dead sea salts that have been scented with Certified Organic Essential Oil. This must be the way that they have the ability to smooth and moisturize my skin while giving me a lavender aromatherapy experience!Adding the salts into the running water of my bathtub, prior to me submerging myself, allowed them to completely dissolve, which was fairly quickly.They of course lasted the entire time I was bathing which I had anticipated.My skin was softer, smoother and somewhat glistening when I was done bathing. I like that the salt did not leave any unwanted residue on my skin, nor was it too oily.I have actually used other brands of bath salts that for some reason left a gritty texture on my skin that I could feel with my hands, kind of like sand. Thankfully, these do not do that!This very beautifully designed, deep purple colored bag of organic lavender bath salts from Bokek, weighs 5 full pounds, marked on the bottom & yes, I weighed it myself.Overall, I am a very happy and relaxed lady! This product not only helped me, mind body and soul, to relax but also made my skin feel softer and smoother and looked well moisturized.My skin has NOT shown any signs of a bad reaction to these Lavender Bath Salts from Bokek! No redness! No irritation! Just positive results!At first, before using, I was unsure if this product was priced appropriately at the $25.00 {before taxes}, as of my review, price point for this large 5 pound bag.Now, that I've experienced them, I know that its well worth paying for!The bag will last a long period of time, even if I used the bath salt daily, which I don't. I only use them when I have the time to relax and enjoy a longer bath!I 100% recommend

    The most relaxing bath salts I’ve tried

    These are fantastic bath salts. I was relaxed after using them, and my bath had a very pleasant lavender smell. I also slept better than I have for years afterwards, I can’t recommend these enough.

    Heavenly scented bath salts.

    This bag of Dead Sea bath salt comes in a huge 5lb beautifully designed resealable bag, I’m going to get lots of relaxing baths out of this bag. I’m using one cup of bath salts in my bath and that’s perfect for a pleasant relaxing bath. I feel very relaxed after my soak and my skin feels refreshed. It pleases me that organic lavender essential oil is used in this product and that this is crafted in the USA and cruelty free.This is a very nice big bag of bath salts that I’m really enjoying, I can definitely recommend this and I would definitely buy again.