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Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush - Violet

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  • Distinctive Facial Brush: The ultra-hygienic soft silicone rubber exterior provides the softest and most gentle face cleansing and massage for all skin types.
  • Glowing Skin: Gain vibrant confidence in your face with a deeper, clearer, younger, more beautiful complexion. Gently remove stubborn makeup, deep clean pores, reduce blackheads with maximum power and minimal effort so that you can brim with confidence with fresh, glowing skin.
  • Portable & Induction Charging- Shaped like an oval, the handy design makes it easier to hold and convenient to carry. Facial cleansing with a single handheld device, the brush head never needs to be changed. A full charge takes 3-hours and can be used 200-times.
  • Facial Massage & Water Tightness: This device is IPX7 water tightness, and can be used in the shower and bath. Face massage every time you use your face cleanser to clean while it increases collagen and boosts circulation. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and restores skin firmness.

Customer Reviews

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Heather Beaird
Feels great

Just got this today and am loving it already came with a charge so I could use it right away and it feels so great on my face it was also much larger then I expected which is great

A great little scrubber for the price!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this little scrubber! Sonic cleansers are all over the market but they are usually very expensive. This is a great alternative for around $20 and it left my face feeling very smooth after just the first use.I used it right out of the box without even needing a full charge. I really love the option to increase or decrease the speed easily without having to click through a bunch of different settings.I was surprised by the larger size of this model which fits nicely in the palm of your hand and covers more surface area on your face. I have a smaller brand-name scrubber which I will picture side-by-side.I like that this one is rechargeable and I won’t have to worry about taking it apart to replace batteries like I have to with my other model.My only complaint is that the USB charging cable is very short (about 17”) and doesn’t include a wall plug. You’ll have to use one for my phone charger or something similar.All in all, this is a great little scrubber for the price!


Great buy! Super cute, soft texture, well made, and HIGH quality! I love that the vibration setting has multiple levels, so you can choose which speed feels best for your skin, and customize your own skincare. I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in my skin, and overall skin clarity. Also it comes fully charged, so you can use it straight out of the box, very convenient! I purchased this after researching that facial cleansing brushes with bristle fibers can cause bacteria and acne! Definitely true as my skin is much happier now. The silicone material is more hygienic and easy to clean. Overall highly recommended. Thanks. (:

Super happy that I bought this!

I've struggled a lot with my skin, somehow dealing with a combination of an oily, red, dry, patchy complexion. Washing my face with my hands alone wasn't effective, and I would end up with scaly patches. Using a loofah or a rag would make me break out, even though I did my best to keep them clean and changed them out often. I was pretty desperate when i bought this little scrubber, but I hoped that it would alleviate my problems at least somewhat. I've been SO surprised at how effective it is!PROS: gently but effectively scrubs away the dead skin on my face, and does a great job at 'cleansing' and removing oil and dirt. My skin is smooth, even, and I'm noticing way fewer blackheads and skin irritation in general.The plastic/silicone rinses off cleanly, and doesn't harbor bacteria. It dries quickly.The scrubber fits easily in my hand, and doesn't slip around when it's soapy.The multiple vibration settings allow me to gently scrub my face, and more 'aggressively' scrub my arms and back.Charges wirelessly, waterproof, and holds a charge for a LONG Time. (AWESOME)Durable. I've dropped it on the tile shower floor a few times, without any issue.Cons - Seriously can't think of anything that I don't like about this scrubber, it's the best $30 I've spent in a long time!

Tara L.
My favorite skin cleansing tool in my daily routine.

I watched and read a lot of reviews regarding face cleaning before I got to this silicone facial cleansing brush. I have use exfoliating pads and brushes in the past but they were just messy and didn’t seem sanitary after long term use. This tool is amazing and I feel like my skin is healthier and cleaner for using it. It stays charged a long time (haven’t had to charge yet with constant use) and it cleanse easily after use. I don’t think I will ever use anything else to clean my face of makeup. It has a timer so when it turns itself off you are done. You can even use the back of it to massage your face while using your moisturizer. I would definitely buy this specific brush from this brand again.