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Cordless Water Flosser - 5 Modes - Blue

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    • 5 Mode Functions- These Water Flossers provide 5 mode functions to help owners attain the 'perfect clean'. You enjoy two-step "pulse modulation" technology. One step is for flossing, and the other is for gum massage to improve circulation. Soft/gentle mode suits for children, the aged and sensitive teeth people. Strong/pulse mode can help for braces, teeth whiting, and the removal of meat.
    • 7 Tips - This flosser provides 7 tips to meet the whole family's demands. Including 3-Standard Tips,1-Periodontal Tip,1-Orthodontic Tip,1-Toothbrush Tip, and 1-Tongue Cleaner Tip. The oral irrigator with a 360-degrees rotation, lets you easily access all areas of the mouth and perfectly clean your teeth and gums.
    • IPX7 Waterproof & 300 ML Large Capacity- The wireless water flosser is a tested and trusted IPX7 water-proof design. Featuring a 300ML large reservoir, this water flosser does not require many times of refill like others. The handle covering anti-skip particles is helpful when it gets wet. The gravity ball helps to floss teeth in any position. You do not have to worry about water spouting.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Courtney Porter
    Simply Marvelous

    This is my first time using a water flosser so initially I was skeptical. I'm glad I didn't hesitate. You really do notice a difference in clean. Do your oral hygiene a favor and go for it!!!

    Better than imagined!!

    I have used a water pik for years and the one I had never quite lived up to my expectations. It started leaking so needed a new one. I looked around and saw this one, and in pink too, to match my sonic care toothbrush! It was almost half the price of a water pik. It came, I tried it and absolutely love it! It has a pulse setting which the water pik doesn’t have. It also delivers a steady stream of water, which the water pik never did. I can charge via usb so great for traveling because I can take one usb charging cord for multiple devices. The initial charge is a week old and it’s still going strong after being used daily. I highly recommend this! The seller is wonderful as well. They emailed me the day it arrived to let me know if it’s not what I thought or want to immediately contact them so they could help. Awesome customer service!! Great product, great value!

    Well worth the price

    Very good build and well worth the price. Got several intensity levels, easily controlled by the with the thumb finger. Very suitable to clean between teeth, teeth in the back.There are of course better ones, but cost would be higher as well, which may not be necessary. I would recommend this product.

    Portable, handy and efficient - great product!

    I have been using this water-pick for a while now and have accumulated enough experience to write comprehensive overview of the product. I am very satisfied with my purchase and can highly recommend it. Ever since I got the braces, I've been on the market for good quality water-pick and I am so happy to have found one. Order arrived on time and in great condition ( it was even charged so I could use it right away to test out all of the heads and different settings for water pressure). It has five different water-pressure settings and I have been alternating between "strong mode" to clean my braces and "normal mode" to get all the leftover food out from my ever-growing wisdom teeth. if its your first time I would recommend starting on "gentle mode" with normal tip to master the water flossing technique. and also, try to look down into the sink when water-flossing instead of looking into the mirror - this will save you from making a mess in the beginning. Overall, product has very user-friendly design and technique can be adopted easily.Special orthodontic tip is irreplaceable for me, it does not hurt when used even after orthodontist appointment when I have new rubber bands and teeth are especially sore and it manages to get all the leftover food and plaque out without causing pain and discomfort. Unlike most of the models available on the market, this one came with bigger, 300ml tank for water and it only takes one refill to clean all my teeth, after that I change the tip, and still have enough water to clean the tongue. This special tip for cleaning tongue is very efficient and always leaves fresh/clean feeling - I love it.Besides braces, I have been using the water-pick to clean out the area around both of my bottom wisdom teeth every day. They have both come out half way but another half is still covered by gums which trap a lot of food crumbs, irritate and often even swell up. This water-pick has been a great tool for preventing these complications. I could never clean them sufficiently with the toothbrush because they are all they way to the back and hard to access but Vocaro water-pick fully cleans them out (I am always amazed by the amount of breadcrumbs left in my wisdom-teeth even after having brushed them with toothbrush).This water-pick cleans not only the teeth but also the whole mouth sufficiently and its very well designed to be convenient for use. Battery has lasted me for the whole month ( I use it every evening, sometimes I even take it to work to use it after lunch) and it charges really fast. I'd greatly recommend it if you are on the market for good quality product that is portable, compact and convenient to use.

    Mary quinlan
    The tank is large and lasts through more than you need

    I am returning this item because of where the buttons are. As I use it, my fingers are right on top of them, often changing to different power. I like the look and everything else about it. I noticed that many of them do the same with the buttons. I will be rinsing my teeth and it will change to a pulse. I have tried to just hold it by the bottom, but my hands are too small for that to be comfortable. I have changed my rating. This company contacted me to understand the problem and to say they will redesign the buton pressure so that my comment will no longer apply. This flosser was the one I liked best, because of its large, well designed tank. Easy to clean and has lots of pressure to do the job. The company went right to work to make my problem go away. When they fix the button pressure, it will be a great deal for a high quality flosser. �