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Vitamin C Facial Toner - 4oz

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  • Daily Face Wash: We have crafted this gel cleanser to be used on a daily basis to keep skin glowing and refreshed. Use this hydrating facial cleanser once in the morning to brighten the skin and increase radiance. This formula is designed as a gentle face wash that protects against environmental aggressors. Use this before bed in order to deeply cleanse the skin and maintain a balanced complexion. This face wash cleanser provides exfoliation to minimize pore appearance.
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients: Sourced with clean ingredients such as Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that brightens, tones, and tightens the skin while providing support in healthy, natural collagen production. Made with Aloe Vera to replenish vitamins and minerals that protect against skin-damaging environmental pollutants. Includes Coconut Water which provides hydration and balance in skin nutrients. Sugar Cane Extract is used to support cell turnover for improved skin texture and tone.
  • Suitable For All Skin Types: Designed to be a versatile and vital part of your skincare routine. Use as an oily skin face wash, sensitive face wash, moisturizing face cleanser, or anti-bacterial face wash. This powerful face soap is designed to prevent blackheads and breakouts. Use twice daily as a breakout treatment on the face or body. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joy O
This product is awesome!!!

I bought my second bottle and ordered another one for my sister. My pores are barely noticeable and my face is a lot clearer. This product works for me very well and I highly recommend it. Thank you

Love it

5 stars all the way. This is a big 4 oz bottle. It's a beautiful glass bottle. I can feel it tightening my skin, shortly after applying. The rose scent is wonderful to inhale. In essential oil therapy, inhaling Rose is used to promote self love and love of others. I know it smells so much better than what I was using. It's a pleasure to spray it on my face....instead oh no, here we go.....but I want my makeup set.According o the manufacturer, this can be used on the hair and in the bath. I wouldn't used it in the bath. That would be too pricey for me. I use it as a makeup setting spray and it's an excellent value used as a setting spray and facial toner. I will spritz into my hair, too. . I'm very pleased. I will purchase again. Thank you.

Great Toner

I wouldn't follow the instructions and spray it onto your face. Toner helps removes excess makeup /dirt so use with a cotton ball works really well for me. The pimples between my eyebrows (from my glasses) cleared up after a few days of using this. Happy for a more natural solution!

Natasha S Boudreau
Quick an easy to use with great results and decent pricing!

These products are amazing! If I could give 10 starts, I would, and as you can see I have a whole collection of them! The Vitamin C Toner is especially nice. It helps me maintain moisture all day and adds a glow to my skin I didn't have prior! It's gentle on my sensitive skin and provides enough product in just 1-2 pumps. I just mist over my face after using the Vitamin C Cleanser, let it dry, follow with my Insta Natural Serum, Eye Gel, and Moisturizer. I'm out the door in 5 mins no make up needed as my skin just looks so wonderful!

You will GLOW!

This product makes you glow! I have been using it for a couple of months already twice a day, I used it as a toner and pre-moisturizing treatment morning and night. After cleaning my face, I spray it on a cotton and rub it on my skin and neck and once that is done, I spray a little over my face and neck and let it dry on its own. You can use any moisturizer and makeup after it and your skin will feel light and clean. I LOVE IT! I am buying it again!