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Bath Bomb Set - 16 Pieces

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    • All-Natural Blend: Blended with natural essential oils, Shea butter, and bath salt to moisturize your skin. These are similar to our fizzy bath bomb shower tablets. They contain citric acid, essential oils, and sodium bicarbonate. All of which dissolve quickly, are gentle on sensitive skin, and are plumbing and septic tank safe.
    • Home Spa Treatment: Simply place an aromatherapy shower tablet on the floor, moisten it with the running shower water to activate the tablet, and the essential oils infuse with the steam naturally for a steamy scented shower.
    • Stress Relief: These tablets are scented with different essential oils for a myriad of benefits that can help to relieve stress and lift your spirits after a long day of work. They provide a more relaxing and reinvigorating shower experience and create an in-home spa day.
    • 5 Sensual Scents: Each 16-tablet set of shower bombs comes with 5-sensual scents. Choose from a selection of enchanting fragrances Eucalyptus, Lavender + Rose, Sweet Orange + Bergamot, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus + Peppermint.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Love It!!!

    This is a great gift for a friend or for yourself. It comes beautifully packaged and is very pleasing to the eye! The tablets are bigger than I thought they would be and are very pretty. The five different scents are a good variety and the only problem is I can't decide which to use first! I am in love with everything about this product and would definitely buy it again.

    M. Vogeler
    Good, not great shower steamers.

    I got these for my wife and they are fine, but not the best she's had. The scents aren't as strong as some of the other steamers she has used, which may be a good thing for some people, just not for her. The actual scents aren't her favorite either, but again, that's one beautiful woman's opinion. All in all this is a good value for how many steamers you get for the price.

    Highly Recommend

    These shower bombs were well packaged to protect against breakage. Each bomb is labeled by scent and they smell wonderful. The bombs will last through at least 2 showers depending how long you shower and how much water directly hits the bomb. This is my 2nd purchase and I will purchase again as long as the formula doesn't change.

    Relaxing, affordable, awesome

    Love the start shape and size, packaging, individually wrapped, variety of scents, affordable. I haven't tried all of the bombs yet, but the ones I've tried do not leave stains, make a nice amount of fizzing bubbles, and moisturize my skin. Very relaxing. Definitely will purchase again for myself and in the future, for gifts.

    Really helped with my morning sickness.

    Since becoming pregnant ALL water smells like chlorine and it makes my morning sickness even worse. It was getting to the point I was DREADING to shower every day. These help so much. No more chlorine smell! The only thing is I can’t use the tea tree one due to skin allergies, so my husband uses those. But the rest smell amazing. Will be buying more.