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Vitamin C Face Wash - 6.7oz

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  • Daily Face Wash: We have crafted this gel cleanser to be used on a daily basis to keep skin glowing and refreshed. Use this hydrating facial cleanser once in the morning to brighten the skin and increase radiance. This formula is designed as a gentle face wash that protects against environmental aggressors. Use this before bed in order to deeply cleanse the skin and maintain a balanced complexion. This face wash cleanser provides exfoliation to minimize pore appearance.
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients: Sourced with clean ingredients such as Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that brightens, tones, and tightens the skin while providing support in healthy, natural collagen production. Made with Aloe Vera to replenish vitamins and minerals that protect against skin-damaging environmental pollutants. Includes Coconut Water which provides hydration and balance in skin nutrients. Sugar Cane Extract is used to support cell turnover for improved skin texture and tone.
  • Suitable For All Skin Types: Designed to be a versatile and vital part of your skincare routine. Use as an oily skin face wash, sensitive face wash, moisturizing face cleanser, or anti-bacterial face wash. This powerful face soap is designed to prevent blackheads and breakouts. Use twice daily as a breakout treatment on the face or body. 

Customer Reviews

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J-Lo Flower
Nourishing & Effective for Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive, acne -prone (even in my 30s!) and this never irritates my face. It effectively cleans my skin, without over drying, and prevents breakouts. I feel like my skin is nourished, soft and looks and feels younger by reducing age spot and wrinkles. As I'm getting older, unfortunately, I've noticed age spots popping up, and this is one of the seemingly hundreds of washes, creams, facials, scrubs, treatments, etc. that actually work! Especially in the winter, my face gets extremely dry and irritated, but this was is so gentle and doesn't burn or irritate my skin one bit. This isn't my first bottle, and it definitely won't be my last!

daily natural face wash

Im on my second bottle of this face wash. I love it. I have sensitive combination skin so oily t-zone and extreme dry cheeks. This is the only product i’m able to use daily without over drying my face and also controls my oil. Not sure about the wrinkles because i’m 32 and i also use other anti wrinkle moisturizers, so i can’t testify on that. I only gave the scent two stars because there not much of one, which is awesome for sensitive skin but there is a hint of scent there, i just can’t pinpoint the scent. However your face will be fresh and clean and the best of all are the natural ingredients.

Great product!

I was shocked I really liked this,mind you I'm the girl who has hundreds of dollars in face cleaners from farmacy,tula,tatcha,glam glow etc all name brands so thought ya right this won't do the job the same. Well it does work! My face felt really clean and clear after using it for two days night and day!

Natasha Zeligs
Seriously. You need this.

That being said, I love this cleanser becasue it removes makeup without leaving my skin dry, parched or feeling greasy. I'm 59 with a history of very oily skin. Yes, still at this age I need deep cleansing for my pores, and this does it. Non irritating, delightful smell and I've already gone through 3 bottles. So buy it. You won't regret it. I'm not sponsored by the brand. So there ya go.

Amanda M.
A little goes a long way

I think I took for granted how much I enjoy this cleanser! I have combination skin the breaks out easily and also dries out easily. This helps my face stay clear and doesn’t feel like it strips my face. I also use it in the shower on my neck, chest, and back. My neck and back are crystal clear!My skin does appear a bit brighter as well. Pores a little smaller too.Also, you don’t need a lot of the cleanser for it to be effective. I like the pump container that it is in.