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Collagen Powder - Cranberry Pomegranate - 9.52oz

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  • Supports radiant skin, gorgeous hair, and beautiful nails.
  • Powerful organic plant-based collagen builders.
  • 12g grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen peptides (highly absorbable).
  • 1.5 Billion CFU probiotics for enhanced digestion.
  • Non-GMO Tested & Certified, Keto Certified & Paleo Friendly, NSF and Gluten-Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
terri conwell
So far so good

So far so good.. I see people that are complaining about the container not being full, it is the measurement on the container just a larger container to hold the scoop and as for mixing. SHAKE it as stated. Blended nicely if shaken.!!

Part of my daily routine now......

Previously I had been using a fishy collagen powder I mixed into my coffee. It altered the taste and texture and I literally had to gag it down. NO MORE!! I’m in LOVE with this easy to use collagen powder, it makes me drink more water, and the bonus probiotics has regulated my bowels. The flavor is light and easy to drink, it’s kind of a daily treat now! Friends have commented after 1 month of using that my skin looks hydrated and clear.....I’ll continue using for sure, just bought my 2nd bottle

Love this collagen

I looooove this collagen peptide powder. I noticed the difference in my skin by the time the night fell. From taking it in the morning. It helps so much and I will buy more. I know powder is packaged by weight and not fullness of container but more than half of the container is empty. Why such a big contain as for half of it to be empty? That needs to be fixed. It does seem to be the 20 servings though. And I think it should be 30 servings! Have to buy 2 a month. It should be 1 a month.

i take this every day now.

everyday i put a scoop in my water bottle before i go to work. it dissolves without clumping. the lemonade taste is just right. i have been using it for a few months now. i notice that i don’t loose as much hair and my joints feel more flexible at work and at the gym. if it’s making that much of a positive difference that i can notice these healthy changes then it obviously helping me internally. why wouldn’t i keep taking it? i have already repurchased it.

Terelisea via
I’m in love

Been taking this supplement A few weeks now. Tastes amazing, my skin looks fantastic, and it blends well with other drink supplements. Love