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Collagen Powder - Unflavored - 10.5oz

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  • COLLAGEN POWDER: 20 servings of unflavored Collagen that support skin hydration, moisture, and elasticity while helping to reduce areas of rough or uneven skin.
  • COLLAGEN PEPTIDES: Each scoop delivers 15g of our collagen beauty blend featuring clinically effective, beauty-boosting collagen peptides.
  • FREE-OF: Our Collagen Peptides are Non-GMO and free of Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color and contain no sugar, soy, or gluten to suit your lifestyle needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love this!

I started using around 3 weeks ago and I am seeing the difference in my skin! Absolutely love the hydration and the moisture it is bringing back to my skin. A must keep in my beauty routine!

Quentin Kliethermes
Undeniably effective

I have been using Natures Bounty Beauty Blend for 17 days and my nails and hair have quickly grown stronger. I use a scoop of the vanilla in my coffee everyday. It dissolves easily and has no off-putting taste. I still add creamer. With other brands, I could tell they were in there even with creamer. I also have not seen any other brands that offer 15g of collagen in each serving. I have not experienced any side effects.

Genesis Roman
Great collagen

Buen sabor, calidad. Muy buena. Recomendado. Se mezcla muy buen con la bebida. Love it

Really helps maintaining a healthy skin

The wifey has been using the “Nature's bounty Optimal Solutions Collagen Beauty Blend” for a while now and it definitely helps improve the skin elasticity. This is not going to be an overnight result and it did take a while to notice the improvements but it works nicely after a while.Overall, she is very happy with this daily supplement which gets a solid 5 stars from her.

Total Boy Mom
Mixes well, no unusual taste

I have been very pleased with this collagen powder. It mixes well in my coffee and I have not noticed any unusual tastes at all. The price is very comparable to other collagen products I have used in the past and I like that this is a trusted brand. I am a diehard collagen user and would definitely purchase this again. I highly recommend!