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Pure Grapeseed Oil - 4oz

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    • Grapeseed Oil For Hair - This cold-pressed grapeseed oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids. It is a premier hair oil with no impurities or fillers. Apply the oil directly to the scalp or add to hair care products.
    • Moisturizing Body Oil For Dry Slin - Use as a body massage oil or facial oil as an anti-aging moisturizer for DIY skincare. Grapeseed oil can be used on the face to ultra-hydrate for silky smooth glowing skin.
    • Essential Oil Carrier - Get more out of your essential oils for skin and nail care with grapeseed massage oil for a nourishing body and face oil for dry skin and natural hair moisturizer for dry hair.
    • Anti-aging Skin Care - Grapeseed oil liquid is rich in vitamin C and E to protect the skin leaving it silky smooth making it one of the best moisturizers for the face and a favorite among beauty products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Dianne Owen
    Great skin care oil

    I purchased this product from my aesthetician's recommendation. She said that this would be a great skin cleanser especially for my oily skin - what she did not tell me is that I still needed to rinse it off with another cleanser. I have not tried using this as a moisturizer like what the other reviewers have done. It does give my skin the plump look and alleviated the dry patches on my face. Would recommend to others!

    Multi-purpose Miracle Product Especially for Rosacea Sufferers

    This product is great! I have mild rosacea and was told grape seed products help clear it up so I thought I’d give it a try having never been a holistic type person in the past. It works just as great for clearing up my skin and moisturizing as expense products from Sephora and a little goes a long way. I use it as a nighttime moisturizer on my face and always wake up with super soft clear skin after breakouts. Throw a teaspoon worth in the bath while soaking and exfoliate and you’re skin will be baby soft for days. I also sometimes use it on the ends of my hair to make it shine and give my conditioner a boost.

    My skin feels and looks amazing.

    I decided to try Maple Holistics Pure Grapeseed Oil after reading an article about the benefits of grapeseed oil and learning that in addition to all the other good things it does, it's properties help to lift sagging skin by holding collagen tight together. Maple Holistics' Pure Grapeseed Oil was listed in the Top 5 as best for the face. What I couldn't have known from the article was how light and silky the oil is, perfect for summer to fall days when it's still too warm for heavier moisturizers, but cool enough for my skin to be thirsty for good coverage. It has no odor, which I like. I use it twice a day, in the morning and before bed after washing my face and applying a few drops of TruSkin Naturals C Professional Serum. I let the C Serum dry into the skin a couple of minutes, then apply a nickel size amount of the grapeseed oil to my face and décolletage and gently massage it into the skin with light facial massage. I love the glow my skin has afterward! It's only been a week and I already see a difference. I've used the TruSkin C for a while and love it, but the addition of the grapeseed oil is a killer combo for my skin care regime.

    no pain 'n the neck
    Exceptional Oil

    Maple Holistics Grapeseed oil is something of a mystery. An an excellent one at that.How could this scentless and ordinary looking oil be so effective as a moisturizer ?There are so many expensive products out there with many ingredients.We have tried many of them over the years. Yet none have been more effective than this productwhich has only one ingredient !

    Kindle Customer
    Amazing Product!

    I use this on my face after my shower and have noticed a significant reduction in wrinkles on my face. I also use grapeseed oil on my feet as well after my shower then put on socks. The dry cracking feet that I once had have gone away. I have used many lotions that claim to heal the feet, but nothing has worked except the grapeseed oil! Amazing!! I highly recommend!