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Protein Powder - Matcha Latte - 18.3oz

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  • 3 Grams MCT Oil: The medium-chain triglycerides are fatty acids extracted from coconut.
  • Protein: 20-grams protein from a multisource blend of pea protein and golden chlorella.
  • Smooth & Delicious: MCT oil gives this blend a smooth, light texture that mixes with ease (no blender necessary).
  • Keto-Friendly: This product is Keto-Friendly. It is not a medical food.
  • Certified: Non-GMO project verified, vegan certified, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and without dairy or soy ingredients.
  • Usage: If you are new to protein and energy, start with 14 scoops to give your body a chance to adjust to the combination of MCT oil, coffee fruit, and golden chlorella. Some people may experience an unsettled stomach when they start eating these unique ingredients. Build up from there (slowly).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pamela J Soule
My absolute favorite protein powder EVER!!!

Love that it has none of the ingredients to which I have food sensitivities, plus the added benefits of being great tasting and the caffeine provides me with a great energy boost in the mornings. Perfect foundation for morning kale, apple, blueberry and avocado smoothies. I will definitely purchase this product again. Only thing I found noteworthy, otherwise, was that when drunk alone, the MCT oil gives it a hint of coconut flavor. Not a negative, just something to share.

My go to protein powder

Absolutely love this protein powder. Perfect for my early mornings going to work, really enjoy the energy caffeine boost and it keeps me full for most the morning. Doesn’t upset my stomach like some others do. Definitely have to like stevia to like this protein powder. I prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners, so I’ve learned to embrace stevia in my supplements. I usually make mine with almondMilk or just some ice and water. Awesome with a banana or peanut butter too! Doesn’t seem to clump or get crazy thick like other powders. Worth a try!

A good plant protein, but ease into it!

After reading a boat load of reviews on this protein, I decided to start using it about two months ago. The quick and dirty of it: the flavor is good, the texture is very chalky, and you have to ease into using it regularly.I personally mix this with equal parts of whey isolate, as Costco only stocks ON's isolate in chocolate and after two years, I can't stand that flavor alone anymore. The texture is pretty bad as compared to any Optimum Nutrition product, but not terrible considering that it's a plant protein. It never really wants to blend completely, so you'll probably want to chug it and forget about it. If your body isn't used to MCT oil, don't jump into having a full scoop of this stuff every day. You'll feel gross and you'll feel even worse if you take it on an empty stomach. Start with a half scoop for a day or two and work up to a full scoop. Your stomach will thank you.While the flavor and texture are not my favorite, it serves the purpose I need, and for that I give it 5 stars. Considering the ingredients, it's a good plant protein. Just remember to eat something first!

Savannah S.
Excellent Protein

I've always had a very sensitive stomach to lactose, whey, etc. I wanted a non-dairy protein that was around $1/serving and low in sugar (<1g). I also wanted something that could possibly be used as a coffee creamer (because I cannot drink coffee black), but what I found was an excellent coffee substitute! I'm so happy with my purchase. The caffeine has been great is satisfying my coffee fix and the protein doesn't upset my stomach and make me bloated. The MCT oil is a bonus! I highly recommend this product!

Rebecca Gessler
Tates Delicious - Great Product - JUST BE CAREFUL

I used this product for over a month and didn't have much of an issue. However, about a week ago I started getting nauseous shortly after finishing my shake. At first I thought it was a terrible bout of the flu, but now a week later it seems like I'm having the same issue.I mix my protein with coffee in the morning, so I'm assuming the combination of caffeine mixed with the MCTs is what's causing the nausea. I have seen others say they have experienced the same issues. I would agree with what others have said and begin taking this gradually and build up to a full scoop.Flavor-wise, I love this protein. I tried Vega a few years ago when they were hemp based and it was chalky and gross. The new pea protein base is MUCH better and has GREAT flavor. I have this in both coffee & chocolate flavor. I recommend this product if it meets your needs, just be careful when you begin using it.