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Cordless Water Flosser - 3 Modes - Black

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    • Deep Cleaning for Teeth & Gums: This water flosser is equipped with a pulse technique, 30-120PSI pressure range, 1400-1800 times/minute high-pressure water pulse, and a 360-rotating nozzle to get 99% of food that is stuck in your teeth.
    • Long Battery Lifetime & Portable Design: Our rechargeable oral irrigator with powerful lithium battery is able to be used continuously for 15-days once fully charged. The USB interface charging design is applicable to a variety of charging equipment with a storage bag.
    • 3 Clean Modes & IPX7 Waterproof: The oral teeth cleaner has Normal, Soft, Pulse modes for choosing with Low-noise Design, which can meet various oral needs. The IPX7 waterproof design has adopted both internal and external to provide dual protection. The intelligent design prevents leakage and allows the dental flosser to be used safely for shower in bathroom.
    • 300ml Detachable Water Tank: The upgraded removable full-opening water tank allows you to thoroughly clean the limescale and dental plaque. The water flosser has an exclusive patented internal leak-proof drain and detachable design for a clean and comfortable experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Samuel P. Monteon
    I floss daily now

    I honestly didn't floss as often as I should before getting this. Every time I would floss my gums would bleed and I'd get gum pain for the next few days. With this, I floss twice daily. I fill it up with lukewarm water and is my favorite part of my oral hygene routine now. It really works as well as other dental flossers I've had in the past without the hassle of cords. It's been about 2 weeks of twice daily use and I haven't had to charge it yet. They say it can be used several times without refilling but I find myself refilling each use, which is ok with me considering I prefer a warmer water temperature. I always use it on the soft setting, though the pulse has come in handy as well. Would recommend.

    Ryan & Liz
    Good for deep cleaning

    This water flosser definitely gets your gums and teeth feeling clean. I bought it because I was having an issue with one of my teeth, and wanted to take extra measures to prevent dental problems. The reviews I read on here that recommend looking down towards the sink and keeping your head down were helpful. The water will definitely spray everywhere if you look up and try to see your teeth in the mirror. You essentially have to feel the water hitting at your gum line instead of seeing it. I don't really see bringing this when traveling, but that's mainly because I like to travel light and already have so many other toiletry items I need to bring, and the base of it is pretty bulky.

    Zak Attak
    Great for cleaning between teeth and gums

    After brushing you teeth, many dentists recommend you floss also. This is a great product for flossing in between your teeth and gums. The powerful spray feels good and gets the job done. This cleaning system come with three modes, Normal, Soft, and Pulse. All three are strong and effective , with Normal being the strongest. A couple of warnings, though. One...make sure you keep your mouth closed during the cleaning unless you want water splashed everywhere lol. You can open your moth just to let the water out as it fills your moth with water quickly. And second...know that the rechargeable battery chord is USB and not a normal plug.

    Works really well.

    This works really well. I have a small mouth and sometimes I have a hard time getting my toothbrush to every nook and cranny. Especially on the inside back teeth where my tooth meets the gum. This water flosser solved that problem. Plus, it gets any food from between my teeth so when I’m flossing, I’m only dealing with plaque removal. The regular spray stream is quite strong, but I didn’t have any problems with bleeding or discomfort. If you find it too strong, you can set it on soft stream. Very happy with my purchase and I very much recommend.

    Great flosser with multiple heads

    My husband got one of these awhile back after his original water glosser broke. I never tried it because I didn’t like how the first one was. Until the other day my son had a dentist appt and they recommended getting him one for his braces. So I went to use my husbands to show my son how it works. This flosser has 4 extra heads with different color bands so you can share with others and just switch the heads. While showing my son I fell in love with this one. It was so easy to use compared to our first one. My 10yr old took to it right away. He loves water flossing. So I purchased this one again for my kids to share. I would definetly recommend This flosser. Easy to use and understand and you can travel with it!! Cleans great and has different settings for your liking.